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My name is Kristof Vervynck, born in 1980 in Bruges, Belgium.


Since 2005 I am living with chronique fatigue. 

That was joined by extreme sensitivity in 2012.


The first 11 years, I tried every possible thing I could to heal.

I wanted to crawl out of my limitations and get back into 'normal' life.

It became clear that classical medicine could not help me.

Since 2016 I had to accept to let go and enter deeper into the experience

of my limitations.  I needed to understand why this was happening to me.


At that time I lived with extreme fatigue, hyperaccusis, constant dizziness, pannick attacks, serious digestive issues, extreme sensitivity for light, sound and the energy of people and places. Living in sollitude was the only possible way forward. I searched for a small place close to nature and water.

I stayed there for 2 years.


In these intense times, removed from public life, I searched for answers, encouraged by daily suffering.

I did find answers. In fact, I went so deeply into it that I found meaning. Slowly it became clear why I had been in this situation for so long and what the purpose was of it all.

Awareness of the deeper reason marked the turning point after more than a decade of growing sicker.

Since then I have been working towards developing these inner qualities for which my illness offered unique opportunities. I have come to experience illness as a means of transport towards personal change.


Since 2017 I have been making sculptures in wood, I practise small scale dynamic gardening and  started a long lasting renovation project of my old farm in France.

My situation has been developing since. New ways of being had to be explored.

And the road is still very alive.

I followed several courses in professional coaching and energetic awareness that gave me the tools to navigate through the storms.

Due to these experiences I am keen to help others who suffer without understanding the opportunity of their situation.

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