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A silent circle


A way of meeting others in a group setting in silence.

The experience of being together in silence leaves space

for diversity and freedom on many levels.

Whatever one's worldview, political preferences or current

situation, silence and presence provide the common ground.


A group of people sitting in a circle, in or outdoors for 60 min.

One is free to think, meditate, contemplate, pray or simply be.


When one arrives with all their daily worries and content, there is time to wind down, come closer to inner silence as well as outer. Then refreshed and in a deeper sense supported by others one leaves the circle and notices a different state of being.


As such forms of silent encounter have dissapeared out of the lives of many, some awkwardness may be felt at first. You will be surprised that once these feelings subside, how comforting and easy it is to be together without speaking.


Currently organised every saturday at L'Herberie de Queaux, free and open to all, reservations necessary to avoid dealing with chairs just before starting.


How does it work:


You arrive prior to the beginning time in silence and be seated on  a chair in the circle already present.

The turning of the hourglass is the start of the first 30 min.  A bell sounds the end.  This is repeated for a second period of 30 min.  

During the 30 minutes you try to move as little as possible so you don't distract others.  

When you leave, remain silent while doing so. That way the after effect of the experience can be observed within.  Once you are in the circle there is no need to greet or say your goodbyes.  Everyone has his or her personal process and wishes to have the freedom to remain in it for as long as needed.

Next time:    Every Saturday at 19h at L'Herberie de Queaux. 

Please do reserve your spot via mail or phone. 

0786617462  or

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